The AAF protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government through grassroots activities. Our nation-wide network monitors advertising-related legislation on local, state and federal levels. We put our members face to face with influential lawmakers while encouraging self-regulation as a preemptor to government intervention, when appropriate of course.

Government Report – Emailed monthly during the congressional year, this e-newsletter provides a brief overview of advertising-related policy and legislative developments on the federal, state and local levels. AAF Government Report is a members-only newsletter.

AAF Position Papers – The issues facing the advertising industry in Congress, regulatory agencies and states continue to proliferate. For advertising to continue to play a prominent role in the economy (and our culture), we must be both knowledgeable and prepared to educate decision makers about the implications of the issues they address. By following the links below, you will find brief summaries of many of these issues and where the AAF stands on each. It is our intention to update these papers regularly, as well as to add new ones as required, to stay current on today’s issues. Our ultimate goal is a positive disposition of an issue so that the paper can be eliminated entirely. Please do not hesitate to contact us with comments or suggestions. See them here.

To learn more about the efforts AAF National is undertaking for the good of the industry, contact Executive VP, Clark Rector.