Q&AAF With Jay Giesen, Executive Creative Director – Gatesman

jay in shadow revJay Giesen, Executive Creative Director at Gatesman in Pittsburgh, shares his thoughts on the advertising landscape.  Jay has worked for Brunner, Marc USA and Ketchum Advertising during his career.  Jay is also one of the 2017-18 ADDY judges coming to Cleveland in January.

What trends are you seeing that could potentially alter the way agencies interact with their clients?

Now, more than ever, agencies need to help Brands understand that for both client and agency to ultimately be successful they can no longer be the center of an agency’s universe. That esteemed place of honor must be reserved for their consumers.

What are the biggest challenges, in your opinion, that agencies face today?

 An inability to take our creative and innovative thinking and apply it to ourselves.  The need to continually and meaningfully evolve based on the ever changing marketing landscape is essential to succeed.  And we (agencies) are not always as open to that change as we should be.

In the past year, what are some exciting projects you’ve worked on?

Working with a talented, collaborative cross-disciplined team on an integrated campaign for StarKist that was recognized as the best Facebook and PR Social Media campaign of 2017 by PR News.

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