Destination Inspiration: Myopia at MOCA Cleveland and the Akron Art Museum


From May 27-August 28, MOCA Cleveland and the Akron Art Museum will be co-presenting Myopia, the first retrospective of the work of the insanely prolific Mark Mothersbaugh. You may know Mothersbaugh as an Akron native and co-founder of the New Wave band DEVO, but he is also an accomplished painter, sculptor, illustrator and tinkerer.

I had the good fortune of attending Myopia when it appeared at The Contemporary Austin, and was absolutely blown away by the amount of work and other artifacts featured in the exhibit. Experimental instruments made of bird calls and whistles. A series of rugs featuring art from some of Mothersbaugh’s postcards (30,000 of said postcards will be available for viewing at the Akron exhibit.) Original DEVO costumes and concert posters. Letters to and from the artist.

Through this diverse collection of artwork and personal effects spanning over four decades, there is a unifying theme – the search for individual creativity in a consumer-driven society. It’s a can’t-miss exhibition for any creative (or account person, or client) looking for a spark.

Image by Minneapolis Institute of Art (source).

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