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Annie HeadshotAs a writer and producer at Goldfarb Weber Creative Media, a video storytelling firm, Annie Murmann is involved at every creative step. From the initial meeting and proposal to creative development, scripting and interviewing to distribution of our short films, she is an important part of bringing their clients’ visions to life. As a corporate member of AAF for the past five years, we caught up with her to chat more about her role at GWC, marketing trends, and how they all tie back in with AAF.




Tell us a little bit about GWC and your role there.

I’ve always enjoyed defying expectations with my work and that’s a big part of what I find so fulfilling at GW. We are small but mighty, established but agile. We describe ourselves as boutique but, on any given day, we are consulting with Cleveland’s c-suite and taking on the region’s most critical communications projects.

The tools change. The approach varies. But at the end of the day, I feel my job is to wield influence and I take that very seriously. Film gives us the ability to get into people’s heads and hearts; we must be prudent, wise and discerning in how we use it!

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Video is a great way to show off Cleveland. What are some of the most exciting projects you’ve been working on?

Video IS a really great way to show off Cleveland. And it’s such a versatile tool. My favorite projects really run the gamut. A few years back, we produced an animated piece titled A Tale of Two Futures for The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. Our smart, savvy clients pushed the piece out to their entire network— including Legal Services organizations throughout the US. To this day, we get calls from organizations across the Country that want to customize the piece with their own statistics because they love the story that it tells. Last year, when the Cavs won the Championship, we made our Cavs tribute, Redemption, to let the world know what it meant to us and the City. And, more recently, I really enjoyed pushing creative boundaries with a piece for Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeast Ohio that mixes animation and interviews. It won a Gold ADDY and Judges Choice Awards at this year’s ADDY Competition. This year, we’ve got a couple big things in the works including a series of high-level onboarding videos for longtime client, The Sherwin-Williams Company. I love our medium—every project is new, different and full of possibilities.

What are you most excited about in terms of marketing and video production in 2017?

It’s no secret—Cleveland is back, baby! We’ve known for some time what an incredible place this is but it’s feels really good to get that validation from national news media and people from coast to coast. And, as a tireless promoter of Cleveland businesses, non-profits, institutions and people, it’s incredibly refreshing to see more and more people “getting it.”

I think that’s the most exciting thing for me, knowing that the initiatives and organizations we’ve been promoting in film over the past few years are now starting to be fully realized—and fully appreciated. Whether it’s our work for Destination Cleveland, The Greater Cleveland Partnership or one of the many market leaders and non-profits that call this region home, the potential audience for –and impact of— our work just got a LOT bigger.

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Why did you decide to become a Corporate Member of AAF?

Being a Corporate Member means lots of networking within our industry – we couldn’t pass that up!

What has been the most valuable takeaway of your AAF Corporate Membership?

I appreciate how a Corporate Membership allows my team to keep up with the advertising trends of Cleveland. I like to see what other Corporate Member companies are working on and if there are ways we are able to collaborate.

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How can we learn more about your company?

You can learn more about Goldfarb Weber Creative Media by checking out our website: www.gwcreative.com

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