AAFCLE 5 to 9 – Dave Evans, Independent Filmmaker


AAF-Cleveland exists to shine a light a light on the individuals and organizations that make up the region’s advertising community. And we know that the brilliant, strategic work coming out of Cleveland is just the tip of the iceberg. Our 5 to 9 posts will feature work from members of the Cleveland advertising community that has been created outside of office hours. The personal pursuits. The pet projects. The labors of love.

Dave Evans - Headshot

Name: Dave Evans

Day job: Account Supervisor at Marcus Thomas LLC

What do you create after your 5 To 9 job?

I’m an independent filmmaker. My latest project is a Sci-Fi short film called “Wish You Were Here”, which I wrote and co-directed/produced with my production partner Andrew Numbers. In “Wish You Were Here,” teleportation has replaced all other forms of travel in the U.S. For most everyone, it has been a welcome innovation. However, a rare condition limits Bennett’s ability to teleport. Feeling isolated and alone, he starts a long-distance relationship with the one who got away.


How did you discover your 5 to 9 passion?

What inspired you? I’ve long had a deep passion for writing (and recently had a short story published for the first time). While attending Kent State University, I realized I could combine my love of writing with my love of film. I have always been an obsessive movie watcher, going to the theatre as often as possible and rewatching my favorite movies at home countless times. Writing my first screenplay was a natural evolution of two of my biggest interests.


WYWH Still 1

How has membership/participation in AAF-Cleveland inspired you or your work?

AAF Cleveland allows its members and committee members great opportunities for leadership development, collaboration and event planning – all of which are key skills to an independent filmmaker. I am constantly in awe of the talent right here in Ohio. We are lucky enough to work with casts and crew mostly made of Northeast Ohioans.

How can we learn more about you and/or your work?

You can follow the film’s progress on its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wishyouwereherefilm/. Our film has been featured in some festivals and we are still submitting to others. We hope to be in more local film festivals later this year and into 2018, where you could check out ours and other independent short films.

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