5 To 9 – Mark Stephens, Personal Trainer

AAF_5to9Feature_v1-page-001AAF-Cleveland exists to shine a light a light on the individuals and organizations that make up the region’s advertising community. And we know that the brilliant, strategic work coming out of Cleveland is just the tip of the iceberg. Our 5 to 9 posts will feature work from members of the Cleveland advertising community that has been created outside of office hours. The personal pursuits. The pet projects. The labors of love.


Name: Mark Stephens

Day Job: I work in the operations department at Adcom.

What do you create after your 5 To 9 job?

I am a personal trainer and create fitness! I am in the gym six days a week! While I am there I am focusing on bettering myself mentally and physically, and trying to help others better themselves as well.

How did you discover your 5 to 9 passion?  What inspired you?

Well about 4-5 years ago a friend told me there was a new gym that just opened in our area. We went and signed up and it just became an addiction after seeing results!  The inspiration came from seeing myself transform into a different person, and knowing I can help others get better as well if I just keep pushing myself and learn more about my craft.


How has membership/participation in AAF-Cleveland inspired you or your work?

The AAF is great for networking and finding people that can help improve on your talents.

How can we learn more about you and/or your work?

Website and online training coming soon!

You can find me on Instagram @mark_s7  I post most of my workouts on there and progression pics.

Facebook: Mark Stephens

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