The 7 Types of Companies that are Rockstar Enough to Enter the ADDYs

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Cleveland’s premier advertising awards ceremony, the American Advertising Awards (ADDYs), is right around the corner. Hosted by the American Advertising Federation Cleveland (AAF), the event is held annually to recognize and reward the creative spirit in advertising.

The ADDYs are officially open for entries and you only have until January 12th to enter. But here’s the more important question: is your company or agency Rockstar enough to enter? Here are the 7 types of agencies that should definitely consider entering their great advertising work into the ADDYs:

The Social Ones – like Katy Perry

At publish time, Katy has more than 107 MILLION followers on Twitter. That doesn’t include her 68 million + followers on Instagram or any of the other social networks. She was the first person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter. She is a social media maven – she is great at communicating with her fan base, she writes funny and relatable posts, she shares behind-the-scenes moments, and in general, does a great job connecting with her fan base.

Is your agency or company an ace at social? Whether it’s a great campaign or just a great execution of brand advertising that appeared on social, you should enter your bomb work into the ADDYs to get the word out there on how awesome you are.

The Innovative Ones – Like David Bowie

Whether you think he was a genius or just plain weird, David Bowie was no doubt a rock legend who transformed popular music in the 70s. A pioneer of “glam rock” and an inspiration for the punk rock movement, Before Bowie came along, rock music didn’t change much from its origins – but he looked outside the box and he changed the way people thought about rock. Some considered him strange, but we now know he was just ahead of his time, and the reality is that he was one of the most influential artists of all time.

We all know those agencies and companies. The ones that have the most innovative employees that work for them. That produce creative that changes the face of advertising. That agency that makes us say… “Why didn’t I think of that?” – the company that we all strive to be. These agencies should definitely enter their creative into the ADDYs to push the industry forward and help us clear a path for what’s next.

The Trendsetting Ones – Like Madonna

One thing you can definitely say about Madonna – she has never cared about what anyone else thought. She has had a long history of setting trends and paving the way for fashion and musical freedom for her audiences. As soon as everyone else is trying her new trend, she reinvents herself and moves on to the next one.

In the same light, we’ve come across those agencies and companies that know their target audiences so deeply that they can predict what they want next. Then they pick up and change their strategies to stay ahead of the game and give those audiences what they want. Those agencies should consider entering their creative because we need to know and understand what the next trend is so we can get all over it.

The Passionate Ones – like Janis Joplin

When you hear a Janis Joplin song, you don’t just listen to it… you feel it. There still is no one like her. In a time when rock-and-roll was still almost exclusively a “boys club”, Janis didn’t quietly sneak in, she fearlessly kicked the door open for women with her big voice and even bigger personality. She put her whole heart and soul into every note – raw and powerful emotion into every song.

There are those agencies out there that similarly put their whole heart and soul into their creative, and you can see that come forward in everything they publish. Those companies should enter their creative because sometimes we all need to be reminded that advertising is an art. We get so caught up in deadlines and numbers that we forget how much we love the creative parts of what we do – and our passionate agency counterparts bring us back to the heart of advertising.

The Unique Ones – like Prince

The word unique is often described as being rare or unusual, but Prince was truly the definition of unique: one of a kind. He was passionate about his music, and he defied just about every category and label that people put on him. He was versatile experimental, sometimes just plain weird, but above all, he was adored by his audiences for his ability to bring all different kinds of music and all different kinds of people together.

“Outside-the-Box” is probably the easiest way to describe these companies and agencies, but that doesn’t begin to describe the unique quality they bring to the advertising table. Maybe a little quirky, and definitely pretty flashy – these companies know how to get attention for themselves or their clients and are willing to experiment a little bit to put out a great product. These agencies should enter their creative into the ADDYs to bring a little more outside-the-box thinking to the attention of us in the ad world.

The Expert Ones – Like Jimi Hendrix

When you think of the greatest guitarists ever in the world, there’s no doubt Hendrix is on that list every time. His guitar skills were effortless and he changed the way we thought about rock music – there are people who study guitar all their lives and can never play his music with as much skill as he brought to the table.

Let’s be honest there are companies and agencies out there that can just do no wrong. Everything they touch turns to gold. They have a focus and they are GREAT at what they do for their clients. These agencies should enter their creative into the ADDYs to lead by example by showing what expert level creative looks like.

The ADDYs accept entries in all the different kinds of categories that your Rockstar agency dabbles in. Some of the main categories include Sales and Marketing, Print Advertising, Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media, Online/Interactive, Film, Video & Sound, Cross Platform, and Elements of Advertising. Click here for the full list of rules and category information or enter your awesome advertising work into the 2018 ADDY’s today!

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