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Each week, AAF-Cleveland will post Quick Hits on our Portfolio blog.  Our goal is to give our members a snapshot of the people, shops and brands that are making news in a concise format.  You’ll be able to keep up on your industry without going to multiple places on the web.

AAFCLE Quick Hits for the week of August 6

Blockchain’s value to explode by 2030

Blockchain technology is projected to have a $2 trillion business value by 2030, or in other words, to save businesses that amount of money via efficiencies and cost-savings, says IHS Markit senior blockchain analyst Don Tait. The technology is estimated to offer the advertising industry a business value of $122 billion by 2030, an increase from an estimated $10 billion in 2025.
Will advertisers leave Facebook due to lack of 3rd-party data?

Facebook’s decision to retire its ad tool Partner Categories, which employs third-party data, due to GDPR privacy rules could add to the company’s financial woes as advertisers may follow in users’ footsteps by leaving the platform, write Sam Schechner and Nick Kostov. “It’s going to have an impact for us because a good chunk of our spend uses non-Facebook targeting” said Heineken’s Ron Amram.
Use fans to build a buzz for a brand

Setting up an advocacy program can build a stronger connection with fans while empowering them to promote a brand, writes Jason Telmos. To start a program, a brand needs to define the overall strategy, recruit and on-board advocates, and create compelling campaigns that get them excited to participate, he writes.
Agency leadership in flux as disruption continues

There’s been a flurry of leadership change at agencies as the industry is changing to fend off competition from consultancies and shops are evolving their offer to adapt to clients’ changing demands, writes Magda Ibrahim. “The disruption we’re all experiencing shows no signs of abating — in many ways it’s the new world order — and as agencies continue to pivot I’m sure the demand on great leadership will become even more acute,” says The Lighthouse Co.’s Kathleen Saxton.
Agency new business revenue up 36%

New business revenue for agencies increased 36% during the first six months of this year compared with the same period in 2017, hitting $1.09 billion, per R3. New creative business revenue jumped 57%, with Publicis emerging as the leader, followed by Ogilvy and Havas Worldwide.
How user-generated content can win hearts and minds

User-generated content can help advertisers win the trust of today’s ad-avoiding consumer by providing social proof from a community of advocates that a brand’s superior customer experience and values are genuine, writes Raj Nijjer. “[B]rands that position themselves as ‘human, helpful and handy’ will be able to cut through the soulless noise that is today’s marketing landscape,” he writes.


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