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Each week, AAF-Cleveland will post Quick Hits on our Portfolio blog.  Our goal is to give our members a snapshot of the people, shops and brands that are making news in a concise format.  You’ll be able to keep up on your industry without going to multiple places on the web.

AAFCLE Quick Hits for the week of December 11.



Retweets, likes are higher for Twitter’s 280-character limit

Twitter’s controversial move to change its character limit from 140 to 280 seems to have paid off, per SocialFlow research. The original character limit had average retweet and likes rates of 13.71 and 29.96, while those for the 280 limit have risen to 26.52 and 50.28.

Facebook Messenger bots prove a hit for these 5 brands

Giselle Abramovich examines 5 brands that are boosting consumer engagement on Facebook Messenger, such as Sephora, whose Reservation Assistant has boosted in-store makeover bookings by 11%, said Messenger’s Stefanos Loukakos. Activision’s character-driven bot for “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” had more than 6 million chats with fans during its first 24 hours.

IAB’s ads.txt now used by 53,390 publishers

The number of publishers that have adopted the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s anti-fraud tool, ads.txt, has risen from 3,523 in September to 53,390, Pixalate reports. Smart has announced that it is now the first programmatic ad platform to be totally compliant with ads.txt, banning any inventory that doesn’t use the tool.

Q3: Global digital ad revenue growth nears 30%

Worldwide digital ad revenue growth hit 29.6% in the third quarter after six quarters of staying between 23% and 26%, Forrester reports. Google was the biggest driver of industry growth, with an advertising growth rate of 21.4% year-over-year — the highest rate in six quarters.

Opinion: The end of net neutrality is the end of digital advertising as we know it

Agencies and brands should be up in arms about the likely repeal of net neutrality as it will have a massive impact on digital advertising — from the cost of inventory to slow loading times affecting viewability impressions, writes Elizabeth Bleser. “[T]he digital marketing industry will need to completely reinvest itself and brands that will no longer be able to pay agencies to help them fairly compete,” she writes.

How AI is already shaping advertising

Hannah Mirza outlines five ways artificial intelligence is being used today to improve advertising, including the technology being employed to match brands with the right influencers and to make real-time bidding decisions across programmatic inventory. AI is also being used to retarget digital ads more intelligently — and less annoyingly — and to power chatbots to improve the customer experience, she writes.

What lies ahead for digital advertising in 2018

Industry executives predict the top trends for digital advertising in 2018, including Adobe’s Mark Asher, who says that developing technologies such as artificial intelligence will rejuvenate creative. Other predictions include the continued growth of Google and Facebook’s ad dollars, a rise in e-commerce and less definition when it comes to the roles of marketers, agencies and consultancies.

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