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Each week, AAF-Cleveland will post Quick Hits on our Portfolio blog.  Our goal is to give our members a snapshot of the people, shops and brands that are making news in a concise format.  You’ll be able to keep up on your industry without going to multiple places on the web.

AAFCLE Quick Hits for the week of March 19

Report: Video ad fraud down 31% thanks to advertiser pressure

Video ad fraud dropped 31% last year compared with 2016 and is down 40% year-over-year among video aggregators, per Extreme Reach. The decline is due to “increased pressure for better accountability from advertisers, as well as a corresponding increase in vigilance among ad-tech vendors,” Extreme Reach said.

Sources: Twitter selling ad-supported clips from live shows

Media executives report that Twitter is pitching repackaged, on-demand clips from live shows that will be ad-supported, such as footage from BuzzFeed’s popular “AM to DM” show, which Twitter says already shows high viewing figures of short clips tweeted after the live program. The sources say that Twitter is also exploring ways to make on-demand clips more prominent in timelines.

Mobile accounts for a majority of all video starts

Mobile accounted for just over 60% of all digital video starts globally in the fourth quarter, according to a report from Ooyala. In North America, the proportion was 57.6%, representing an 11% gain from a year before

Report: Facebook, Google’s combined US ad revenue share is declining

Facebook and Google will take a combined 56.8% share of US digital ad spend this year, a decrease from 58.5% in 2017, and the pair will reap just 48% of new digital ad investment in 2018 compared with almost 73% in 2016, per eMarketer. The decline in share is partly due to Snapchat’s 81.7% growth and Amazon’s 63.5% increase in US ad revenues in 2018, the study shows.

Publishers face challenges integrating programmatic into general sales

The New York Times recently integrated programmatic selling into its overall sales operation; it’s a trend other publishers are mimicking to provide advertisers with more seamless buying experiences, writes Tim Peterson. Combining teams can present problems, however, as publishers iron out internal responsibilities to ensure that advertisers get the right programmatic expertise, he writes.

Wunderman Inside to give on-site agency expertise to clients

WPP agency Wunderman’s new on-site unit, Wunderman Inside, aims to give clients a nimble, cost-effective service that includes more comprehensive creative and strategic insights. “We believe this is a more effective long-term model than typical in-house agencies that struggle to attract talent and consultancy-led models where clients become dependent on expensive resources,” said Wunderman global CEO Mark Read.


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