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Industry Quick Links for the week of May 13:

Older, younger Gen X differ on social, TV preferences

This infographic from Resonate outlines the content consumption habits of older Generation X consumers, ages 46 to 53, and younger Gen Xers ages 38 to 45. The research shows that the younger cohort uses Twitter and Instagram 11% more than the average consumer and are more inclined towards watching TV on streaming services, while the older group uses LinkedIn 9% more and prefers standard and time-adjusted TV.

Study: What consumers want from brands on social

Some 56% of consumers unfollow brands on social due to bad customer service, 51% for irrelevant content and 43% for brands posting too many ads, Sprout Social reports. The comprehensive survey of consumers and social marketers also reveals that 67% of social users engage with content from brands because it’s entertaining and that consumers want more live video, user-generated content and Instagram Stories from marketers in 2019.

CTV devices are affecting the linear TV market

Connected TV is changing the buying landscape at upfronts, and Beth-Ann Eason notes the challenges marketers face. She details how customer data from CTV devices offers benefits over mere reach, the connected experience differs from traditional linear TV, and ad fatigue is drawing out alternatives such as targeting and shoppable ads.

Localized social marketing gains steam

National brands with multiple locations are finding it easier to engage with consumers on a community level thanks to offerings from social media platforms, writes Monica Ho. She points to services provided by Google and Instagram to customize online communications, along with Facebook’s Business Page, which is popular among franchisees and reportedly drives 26 times the activity compared with other platforms combined.

Study: How marketers are using social in 2019

Some 93% of marketers say social marketing boosts brand exposure, up from 87% in 2018, and 87% say it results in increased traffic, an increase from last year’s 78%, per Social Media Examiner. Some 57% of respondents use YouTube for video, followed by Facebook at 50% and Instagram Stories at 38%, and just 44% agreed that they’re able to measure return on investment of organic social efforts.

Tracking prevention will shake up ad tech

Advertisers needs to be prepared for new tracking prevention tech like Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention that make it more difficult to measure traffic, to run reliable A/B tests and track conversions. Ad agencies need to begin finding new approaches to collating data and managing audiences, writes Zvika Goldstein, chief product officer at Kenshoo, and he offers advice to do so.

Uncovering the fact from fiction about Gen Z

Access’ Leanne Ledger debunks common myths about Generation Z and uncovers the truth about the demographic, including the fact that these young consumers are very active on social and are receptive to influencers, as long as they’re not “fake,” and are not the only demographic calling for increased authenticity from brands. Gen Z consumers are true digital natives, which makes them unique, but they also prefer in-store shopping and are fans of outdoor advertising, she writes.


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