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Industry Quick Links for the week of December 3:

Report: Renewal rates of native ads reach 40%

Renewal rates for native ads hit 40% in 2018, up from 33% last year, according to MediaRadar. During the first six months of this year, native ads were placed for the first time by an average of 473 advertisers per month.

US advertising hits $208B; digital up 17%

US advertising revenue has hit a record high of $208 billion this year, up 7.5%, and political ads for the midterm elections accounted for $4 billion of spend, while digital made up 50% of sales and experienced 17% growth, according to MAGNA. Global advertising sales increased 7.2% to reach $552 billion, driven by US political ad spend and events like the soccer FIFA World Cup and South Korea Winter Olympics.

The potential of ad-supported, on-demand video

Jeanine Poggi explores the world of ad-supported video-on-demand, including the advantages that it’s an increasingly popular channel, ads are unskippable, viewability is 100% and it’s fraud-free. Amazon is reportedly developing a free, ad-supported video streaming service, Walmart is adding original programming to Vudu, and YouTube Originals will be ad-supported and free by 2020.

Lay the foundations for digital marketing success

Digital marketers must develop strategic goals that link to consumer expectations and business objectives to effectively take advantage of today’s advanced technology and deliver growth, writes Nina Church-Adams. Audit data sources and processes to ensure you can maximize the opportunities presented by predictive marketing and artificial intelligence, she advises.

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