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Industry Quick Links for the week of October 14:

Gen Z females favor latest tech, worry about digital security

A study by GfK reveals that Generation Z females favor products with the most recent technology eight percentage points higher than American females overall and five percentage points more than female millennials, but just 34% are hopeful about tech’s effect on society. Additionally, 39% are “always concerned about [their] safety and security” when it comes to digital life and 19% fear that their personal information will fall into the “wrong hands.”

How B2B marketers can use video for lead gen

Business-to-business marketers should create a video hub to house lead-generation content, which could include videos related to topics identified by keywords or ones that show how products solve particular challenges for target audiences, Ann Smarty writes. Use influencers for live webinars, entice leads with gated how-to videos and invite customers to co-create content, she recommends.

Why digital advertising must find a cookie substitute

default is the latest reason why the digital advertising industry should be seeking an alternative to cookies, which don’t provide a cross-platform view of user behavior and weren’t designed to handle today’s complex digital ecosystem.

New social ad tech on the horizon

New technologies such as 3D and 360-degree videos and virtual reality will enable brands to engage and interact with consumers “like never before,” writes Shuttlerock’s Arron Redmore. He takes a close look at the emergence of each of these technologies and their current challenges and predicts 360-degree videos will be the first to become mainstream — and do so by 2022.

Why agencies must attract, mentor younger talent

Dave Mering, founder and CEO of Mering, shares his thoughts about diversity in advertising, including why agencies must focus on recruiting more African American, Hispanic and Asian talent and younger talent in general. “Our industry stars need to make an effort to mentor the next generation,” he writes, adding that “agencies should create strong internship programs that can compete with those in other disciplines like law or financial services.”

Pinterest enhances user control

Pinterest is rolling out a Home Feed Tuner that will enable consumers to control the content that they see, which is similar to Facebook’s Ad Preferences listing, and giving users the option to adjust their recommendations at the Pin-level. Pinterest’s Omar Seyal says the service was created to give users “the most relevant and inspirational experience possible.”


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