Why Entering Your Creative into the ADDYs Makes Your Business a Rockstar

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It’s that time of year again where creative is due for awards shows, and your agency is weighing the pros and cons of entering. Advertising awards are a great opportunity to highlight your company’s successes throughout the year, not to mention, who doesn’t want to see their hard work highlighted in the bright lights?

Cleveland’s premier advertising awards ceremony, the American Advertising Awards (ADDYs), is hosted by the American Advertising Federation Cleveland (AAF). The event is held annually to recognize and reward the creative spirit in advertising.

This year’s theme is “The Best of… Tour 2018” and will embrace the edgier “rock and roll” side of advertising, all the way down to the great venue – Music Box Supper Club. AAF is currently accepting entries for the 2018 ADDYs, and whether your company has ever felt the pull towards fame or not, you will definitely benefit from sending in a few entries for this year’s event.

As your agency mulls over the idea of entering your creative into the ADDYs, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why it would benefit your company to enter… along with some great recommended tunes to listen to for inspiration while deliberating:

Taking Stock in Your Work

“Welcome to the Jungle” Guns n Roses

“Man in the Mirror” Michael Jackson

Entering your creative for an award gives you a great opportunity to take a look at all your work to see what will be able to compete and what needs improvement. Getting deep down into those jungle weeds of work will be a great exercise in benchmarking – you will have to take a moment to self-analyze certain parts of your business and team. And just like the man in the mirror, it gives you a chance think about what you have done and ask yourself to change your ways if you need to so you can continue to be rockstars well into the future.

Opportunity for Brand Awareness and Good PR

“Paparazzi” Lady Gaga

“I Heard it Through The Grapevine”, Marvin Gaye

 While business awards don’t necessarily pop into mind when thinking of marketing and public relations, they can be a great PR tool to help you increase brand visibility and create awareness around your organization. Your company’s details will be posted up in lights within pre- and post- event promotional materials. In addition to that, if your great creative wins, you have an opportunity to put your name out there and have your achievements acknowledged. New clients will hear through the grapevine, and they’ll be lining up for your business.  In addition, winning an award demonstrates to the outside world that your business is excelling. You’ll have so much attention, you’ll be swatting the paparazzi away.

Builds Reputation in the Industry

“Reputation”, Joan Jett
“Respect”, Aretha Franklin

While we’d all love to have Joan Jett’s feelings about her reputation, businesses depend on having a good reputation. Awards are a great way to help your company stand out from a crowd. By entering your creative to be judged by a third party, your business can gain credibility within the industry. A first-place win, of course, would be ideal, but even a second-place finish is an endorsement for your business and can give you a competitive advantage as well as a great reputation. And let’s be honest – we’d all love a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the industry.

Make Your Company More Attractive to New Clients and New Recruits

“24K Magic”, Bruno Mars

“U Can’t Touch This”, MC Hammer

 Awards shows don’t just provide a sense of achievement, but they can help you network, gain a competitive advantage in your industry and ultimately open doors to securing new contracts. When you have that 24K magic industry award in your back pocket, it can help distinguish you in a crowded marketplace. In addition to potential client growth, awards can help you attract new talents to your business. Awards endorse your company and sends a message to prospects that your company is the best in your market, so they should want to work for you. You’ll be saying “can’t touch this” to all your competition.

Boost Morale

“I Feel Good”, James Brown

 “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, Justin Timberlake

On top of the external reputation benefits of business awards, entering your company’s creative can help build morale internally. Recognizing employee contribution to the success of your creative can impact job satisfaction and retention. Awards are a perfect opportunity to celebrate the successes of individuals and teams within the company. Your employees won’t just feel good, they’ll have that sunshine in their pocket, that good soul in their feet… they won’t be able the stop the Feeling.

Support the Marketing and Advertising Community

“I’ll Be There for You”, Bon Jovi

“Lean On Me,” Bill Withers

Entering an awards show like the ADDYs doesn’t just help with promotion of your company, but supports the entire advertising industry through comradery and friendly competition. In addition, AAF uses the proceeds to enhance advertising through public service, internships, advertising education, advocacy, networking, professional development, and consumer awareness programs. There will be many other marketers and advertisers there for you that you’ll be able to lean on when you need it.

Above all, entering your creative into the ADDY’s is your company’s chance to become an advertising legend. Make sure to jump on all these amazing award show benefits in 2018 by entering your company’s great work into the ADDYs by January 12, 2018.

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