Trophies, Camaraderie, and a little bit of Rock and Roll: Why You Should Attend the ADDYs

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Why attend the ADDYs?

We know advertising professionals are busy people and might need some convincing to attend yet another event, so we’ve compiled a list of 15 rockin’ reasons to attend this year’s ADDYs:

  1. Cheer on all the hard work that was put into the creative that’s up for an award
  2. Celebrate the competitiveness of the advertising industry
  3. You may show up single, but can leave with a new client
  4. Get together with people that get you and what you do
  5. Have a chance to start a sing-a-long to your favorite classic rock song at the after party
  6. Chat about how in-depth you really know about your clients without anyone getting too creeped out
  7. Bring everyone together to celebrate each other’s work
  8. Nobody will look at you funny if you chat about A/B testing or hitting budget targets
  9. Meet new people in the industry and make new friends
  10. Show off your best big and teased hairdo (Don’t worry, we won’t be measuring)
  11. Have the chance to be in the same room as an ADDYs award winner
  12. Be dazzled by the great creative work that made it into the competition
  13. Party like a rock star and eat some great food
  14. Have a chance to communicate with some of the most innovative people in the advertising industry
  15. Get Inspired by Cleveland’s best marketers

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