New This Year To The ADDYS


We’ll be open for submissions on November 1, 2018 but we strongly suggest you read through the 2018-19 ADDY Rules and Categories which can be downloaded here.  There are a few new and updated rules and categories for this year:

New Categories

Public Service
22B – Campaign

Blogs & Digital Publications
44A – Digital Publication – Single
44B – Digital Publication – Campaign

Film & Video
85A – Cinematography – Single
85B – Cinematography – Campaign

88C – Music With/Without Lyrics – Campaign
90A – Sound Design – Single
90B – Sound Design – Campaign

Rules Changes

Elements of Advertising
Digital entries can be uploaded and will not require a physical entry

Apps, Games & Virtual Reality
Apps and Virtual Reality entries will be judged using a digital (video) summary of 3 minutes or less, which must be digitally uploaded by the entrant (not a URL).  This summary should describe and demonstrate the design and functionality of the entry as well as the most important user benefits and attributes of the entry.  Judges WILL NOT be given access to the app itself or headsets for virtual judging.

Judging of these entries will be done online using the digital content provided via URL or by JPEG screenshots during the online entry process.

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