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Each week, AAF-Cleveland will post Quick Hits on our Portfolio blog.  Our goal is to give our members a snapshot of the people, shops and brands that are making news in a concise format.  You’ll be able to keep up on your industry without going to multiple places on the web.

AAFCLE Quick Hits for the week of August 14.

Google to roll out AI-powered ad filters

Google is introducing new artificial-intelligence-driven filters to block content with nudity, political satire and violence. The tool, which is expected to be released by the end of this year, will allow advertisers to prevent their ads being shown next to content they deem objectionable.

Facebook tests offline-to-digital ad targeting

Facebook is trialing a tool that enables advertisers to target in-store visitors with ads on Audience Network, Instagram and Facebook. The retargeting feature will be available via Custom Audiences.

Report: Addressable TV ad spend to surpass $3B by 2019

Investment in addressable TV ads is expected to hit $3.04 billion in 2019, up from a projected $1.26 billion spend this year, according to eMarketer. Addressable television ads enable advertisers to target specific households with ads based on different criteria.

Why programmatic advertising is getting safer for brands

Programmatic advertising spend is increasing despite brand safety concerns leading to a dip in investment, though safeguards are built into the system and greater collaboration between platforms and buyers is ensuring that the appropriate filters are put in place, writes Oath’s Tim Mahlman. As expertise in artificial intelligence grows, so will the safety of the programmatic ecosystem, he writes.

Commentary: Are the days of internet disruption behind us?

Despite Snap’s popularity and innovation, Rory Cellan-Jones writes that the company is proving no match for Facebook as its falling stock price and uncertain standing suggest no one can challenge. This and the dominance of a few other tech giants add to “the growing sense that the days of creative destruction in the technology industry may be over,” Cellan-Jones writes.

US ad spend boosted by digital companies

Investment in US advertising is on course to rise 4% to 5% this year, fueled by growth from digital companies, Pivotal Research Group’s Brian Wieser reports. Ten of the big digital companies, including Amazon, Google and Expedia, boosted their marketing and sales spend by a median growth rate of 24% in the second quarter, Wieser noted.


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