Agency Cribs: The Desk of a Young Pro

Desks. We spend a lot of time at them; writing, designing and sometimes banging our heads.

We keep pictures, inspirations, notes, bobbleheads, folders, and anything and everything in between. Our desks become a reflection of who we are. By just walking by someone’s desk, you can probably tell if they’re organized or messy, serious or goofy, into yoga or Yoda, an account person or a creative.

Destination: Inspiration – Creative Holiday Gifts from the Heart of Cleveland

Cleveland is booming, and it has become a hotspot for all creative junkies. Stay tuned to check out inspiring Cleveland destinations to fuel your creative energy.

As many of us are scurrying around and stressing out over what gifts to buy for our family, friends and co-workers, we tend to forget the simplicity of crafting personal gifts or giving crafty gifts.